Projects in the Works

TexMex Fading Into The Sunset?

My current project that I find interesting is on TexMex Cuisine. Over the years I have noticed that many of my favorite and local TexMex restaurants have been closing or have seen a change in style of TexMex food preparation. Growing up in San Antonio, many of my favorite restaurants were located around Kelly AFB, and with the closure of the base in 2000, only a few of the TexMex establishments have remained. What has been taking the place of this style of cuisine is authentic Mexican restaurants, and it has come to my attention, “Where has TexMex disappeared too,” or has it? The goal of my research will be to identify if the style of cuisine is disappearing by approaching restaurant proprietors, friends, and family with questions about; what makes the style TexMex, where and when did TexMex arrive on the scene, and if todays generation appreciates the cooking to continue the tradition. There is a close similarity between TexMex and Mexican dishes, and I will also have to differentiate the two and provide a detailed analysis of the preparation and spices that make TexMex what it is. Having fun with food! Stay tuned for progress on this capstone project.