Stinson Airfield

While still under construction, this PlacePress project entitled, “Stinson Airfield: San Antonio’s First Flight,” researches the history of San Antonio’s Stinson Airfield is being worked on with colleague Joshua Farrar. The project focus is based on the Stinson family and will highlight the activities at the airfield during its startup, World War II, and what events occur at the field today. The project is a collaboration between St. Mary’s University and the City of San Antonio Office of Historic Preservation to locate historical sites that can be researched and offered to local students in the San Antonio area. Our project on Stinson Field was aimed at students that are in grades 5-8, to inform them how San Antonio’s involvement in aviation existed just 12 years after the Wright Brothers first flight, how the Stinson family accomplished many first in aviation history, and what the airfield has offered San Antonio then and now.

Stinson Terminal, Photo courtesy